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Tax Credit Programs

This is clearly an economic environment where employee-based, and R&D tax credits take on even greater importance to the health and competitive well being of companies, both large and small.

Challenge Us. We Thrive on the Pressure to Perform

If your company wants to capture greater zone-based credits, do it with the confidence. Since 1996, Tax Credit Co. has regularly improved its clients’ prior filings by 100-200%.

If your business wants to know how to best navigate the complex set of IRS R&D criteria, you can expect Tax Credit Co. to deliver 30-40% more in federal and state credits than those identified by clients and their CPA providers.

Tax Credit Co.’s state-of-the-art administration portal, combined with customized support plans, continually helps clients realize point-of-hire credits ranging from $100,000, to upwards of $20,000,000.

Tax Credit Co. Helps Capture More Enterprise Zone Credits.

One in ten California EZ credits is handled by Tax Credit Co. However our expertise doesn’t end at the state border, with more national operations consistently turning to us for multi-state and federal zone-based tax credits.

The reasons are simple. Tax Credit Co. has more Enterprise Zone knowledge, more active involvement in policy, and more experience. In fact, is currently on the Board of California’s Association of Enterprise Zones, produces the industry’s leading blog, and enjoys a reputation with the Franchise Tax Board as one of the most respected EZ specialists in the state.

A Long History With Hiring-Based Incentives

Tax Credit Co. has been on top of WOTC (Work Opportunity Tax Credit) since the Clinton Administration. We’ve been sought out as an authority on the HIRE Act, and we have practical experience with all 41 states who encourage hiring of disadvantaged candidates.

R&D Credits Approach 10% Of Assets For Some Companies

Every single Research and Development incentive study receives a team of experienced field analysts, R&D focused statistical specialists, R&D experienced tax counsel, and quality control specialists who dig deep into client processes, then more carefully prepare documentation to meet IRS and state requirements for qualification.

Clients Use Credits With Confidence

With unwavering quality control, you are assured that value realized is the value utilized. Since our founding in 1996, our documentation and process has been so precise, that acceptance rates hover near 99% in state and federal audits.

Constantly On Top of the Game

“TIP”, Tax Credit Co.’s exclusive Tax Incentive Portal, enables hiring managers, HR, financial and tax management to more easily and thoroughly screen, capture and report state and federal credits for candidates and employees in real time.

CHALLENGE Tax Credit Co.

Let us find more qualified credits for your company.

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