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Tax Credit Programs

Tax Credit Co. brings a comprehensive view to capturing credits. We have served our Fortune 500 clients with a focus on finding every last opportunity. Our experience across all major industries, and a wide array of programs allows us to help any company that could qualify for any of these programs. 



What to look for

State and Federal Hiring Credits (WOTC, HIRE Act, Empowerment Zones)

$20k to $350k

per year

($100 per hire)

  • 500 hires per year: Large employee base, high growth or turnover
  • Retail, Manufacturing and Service Industries
  • Location in or near empowerment or enterprise zones

Research & Development Tax Credits

$50k to $500k

per year

  • Architecture and Engineering – design, calculations or modeling
  • Manufacturing, Distribution, Food, Software Development and Sciences – product development, prototypes, performance testing, process improvement, research or lab testing
  • Entertainment – computer generated special effects

Job Training Incentives

$50k to $500k

per year

  • 100+ employees in Arizona, California, Massachusetts or Florida
  • Industries with higher wages and job retention or creation, including manufacturing, high-tech, healthcare, and financial
  • Not necessary to have an existing formal training program

Negotiated Business Expansion Incentives

$100k to $1M+

  • Planned or potential expansion, business relocation or consolidation
  • Capital investment of $2M+, linked to 25+ jobs (new to location)
  • Competitive wages and / or benefits

Sales & Use Tax Recovery

$10k to $300k

per year

  • $10M or more in non-payroll expense (i.e. raw materials, equipment)
  • Manufacturing, Financial Services, Healthcare and Technology
  • Any company with an accrual schedule for sales tax

Cost Segregation


  • Recent purchase or acquisition of a new facility of $1M or more
  • Remodel, renovation or build out of a facility
  • Size of 30,000 sqft or larger

Energy Incentives (179D)


  • Recent renovation or remodel of a building
  • Size of 50,000 sqft or larger

Domestic Production Activities Deduction (Section 199)

$10k to $300k

per year

  • Engineering and architectural services, or construction services
  • Manufacturing or selling/leasing items produced in the US
  • Selling, leasing, or licensing motion pictures produced in the US

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